Waiting for Perfect Information

We are all waiting for that perfect investment opportunity where the risks are minimum and the returns are phenomenal. Looking for the best deal,  the best stock, best mutual fund, best car…the analysis goes on forever. The second best is not good enough. With the Internet, 24×7 TV channels with non stop commentary of the pundits, it has become even more difficult.

The decision making process for investors has become more and more confusing. This results in investors just sitting on investible surplus waiting for one of the pundits to tell them the ideal opportunity to invest. What they don’t understand is the cost of delayed investment is huge. You miss out on Compounding.

Once you have your goals in place, understand your risk appetite go ahead and invest in simple instruments that you understand. Yes!!! it could be Fixed Deposit, PPF, Mutual Funds, ETF, Stocks etc. You need to make your money start working. Of course you need to do a course correction if the investment is not doing well and as you learn about more products in the market. Do not miss out on the Compounding. After all, Albert Einstein, did call it the eighth wonder of the world.


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