It’s a Marathon

Some of you, who know me well, know that once in a while I run a Full Marathon and people usually ask me how you make it to the end of the 42.2km. My answer always is “One Step at a time”. Taking one step, putting one foot in front of another – remembering the end goal but not getting overwhelmed with it.

Is it slow, painful at times? Yes it is. I also think sometimes, that with the small step that I take, will I ever reach my goal. But trust me…I have finished many Marathons. It has required preparation, patience and will power.

Do I know people who did not finish – yes I do. They either ran the Marathon like a 100m dash, did not prepare for the long haul.

Just like running a full Marathon, investing for your life’s goals is a Marathon. It is not a 100m dash. All of us need to take the small boring steps … put in some effort to prepare, have patience and also the will power to stay the course and build that retirement nest egg, save for children’s education, own house etc.

Some of the readers might get lucky with inheritance or lottery but for the vast majority it is a Marathon and you will only make progress “One Step at a time”

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