Is your money Lazy!!!

So you are working hard, putting in 50-60 hour a week, working weekends and earning that hard earned salary at the end of the month.

Have you ever wondered if the money that you earned is working even half as hard as you are…is it Lazy…just sitting around twiddling its thumbs. Do you know what are the effects of this “lazy money” on you and your family…ever wondered???

Every day and every minute if your money is lazy it is losing out to guess who – Inflation!!! It does not matter if it is in the form of Fixed Deposit, Insurance Plans, Mutual Funds, Real Estate or any other investments. If your money is not working hard to keep up with inflation then you are losing money.

If you have your investments listed (excellent first step)…see how they are doing? Are you able to beat inflation on a consistent basis? Do you need to rethink how you want to make your money work harder?

Remember when you look at the returns you exclude what the government will take away in taxes.

Let me know what you find out.

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