Keep Calm and Invest On

While I am writing this – Britain has decided to exit from EU, India Markets are down about 2+% and there are many posts on how to make the most of this event. Some are suggesting buy more to average the cost while some are suggesting sell all and then re-enter the market later. With so many different pieces of information flying around, I would suggest that you stay true to basics. Yes this is a major world event and it will have repercussions on the financial markets the world over. Not everyone understands how this play out and most of what we have seen so far are knee jerk reactions. This will take some time to play out and for people world over understand how this will impact them.

Please remember your goals have not changed, there might be a dip here or there but if you are in the investment journey for a long time, these events should be a minor road hump in your journey when you look back.

Be ready for a great ride…it is going to be bumpy. It was never promised to be smooth anyway !!!



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