Being healthy is one of the best decisions that I have made

I truly believe that one of the best decisions that I took a few years back was to become healthy and stay healthy – which meant that exercise became part of my daily schedule and I started keeping an eye out on what I eat and drink. The time I spent on exercise gives me some time to get my mind off  from work, travel and other small things in life and helps me focus on the bigger picture.

So you might wonder what is a health related article doing on this blog. I believe that apart from saving and investing money for old age, we all need to invest in our health which is equally or more important. Without health, we cannot enjoy all the things that we have financialy saved for, travel the different shores, enjoy our children, contribute back to society or do so much more in life. Of course there is a huge issue of spiraling medical costs also.

So as you make time out for different things in your life, make sure that you take some time for your body because it will treat you back well if you take care of it now. Start young…

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